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Low bounce wedges are designed for clean ball contact, giving you the precision you need in your short game. For instance, low bounce lob wedges can be used to hit high flop shots off tight lies near the green. Low bounce wedges are also useful to players with a sweeper swing style, with shallower attack angles and minimal divots For a wedge to be considered a low bounce, it will be between 4 and 6 degrees. Low bounce wedges will do best in firm turf conditions. If you like to make clean contact with the golf ball and not have all that much interaction with the turf, the low bounce wedges are for you With more bounce, the hitting pattern is therefore more in the lower grooves of the wedge, with less bounce more in the middle of the clubface. The following image shows a tendentious hit pattern. The blue dot shows the hits of the high bounce wedge, the orange dot the hits of the low bounce variant Types of Bounce on Wedges Low Bounce Wedges. Low bounce wedges are typically between 4-6° like the lob wedge in my bag. This low bounce wedge is... Mid-Bounce Wedges. Mid bounce wedges range between about 7°-10° degrees of bounce. These wedges are played frequently on... High Bounce Wedges. The last.

Here's an example: you may be a player who needs a lot of bounce in your wedges, but if you like to open up your wedges for high pitches and flops, that bounce becomes counterproductive. To get the best of both worlds, you can get a wedge that has a C Grind - a grind that removes material from the heel, toe, and trailing edge to keep the leading edge low when you open it up Low Bounce. Clubs with bounce of less than 8 degrees are considered low bounce wedges, according to Publinks Golfer. Lob, pitching and gap wedges usually have the lowest bounce of all wedges, making them a good selection for tight lies, wet sand and hard turf. Low bounce translates into less opportunity for hitting a shot thin, as the sole of the club should sweep over the surface, rather than cut into it Three different types of bounces you will find on wedges: Low bounce 10 and lower: Ideal for shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions, if you actually keep your ball on the short grass. Less bounce makes it easier for better golfers to get creative with shots such as flop shots around the green because the leading edge is much smaller Most golfers don't even know the amount of bounce they have on their wedges, but it's actually quite important to get it right for the type of swing you have, and the conditions you play in. If you are someone who plays on a course with very firm turf, then the rule of thumb is to play a wedge with less bounce

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Make offer. - MDGOLF Norman Drew 60 deg low bounce Wedge Rare. Vega ALCOR TOUR 56deg LOW BOUNCE Wedge Steel Shaft / Vega Grip. £129.00. + £35.70 postage. Make offer. - Vega ALCOR TOUR 56deg LOW BOUNCE Wedge Steel Shaft / Vega Grip. Cleveland Tour Action 900 58° Low Bounce Pitching Wedge with Steel Shaft Our testers spoke boldly of the SM8, stating, These wedges have some serious sauce. The low-bounce models are amazing, and nary is there a wedge that cuts through the turf as well as the SM8s.

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Like shafts of drivers, wedge bounce can have a huge effect on your shot because of the type of swing you have. It is also tied into so many other variables like grind and loft. Low Bounce, Mid Bounce, or High Bounce. There are different levels of bounce: low bounce, mid bounce, or high bounce. Low Bounce (4-6°) Low bounce clubs are usually. August 29, 2018. Brad Skupaka gives a demonstration of how high bounce and low bounce can alter how you choose your wedges A bounce angle of 10 degrees or above is considered high bounce for a lob wedge. Less than 5 degrees of bounce is considered low, and 6 degrees to 9 degrees is seen as medium bounce. Wedge Set Composition. Because you don't play in the same conditions every day, carry wedges with a range of bounces Do you know what effect bounce has on your golf shots? In this video I'm at Precision Golf Centers using the GC Quad Launch Monitor and showing you exactly w..

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W-Grind: Wider center and toe area with moderate heel relief, generous camber and 12 degrees of bounce; W-Grind (Low Bounce): Same idea as the standard W-grind but with 8 degrees of bounce; Only the S-grind, C-grind and standard W-grind are available in 54-56 degree sand wedge lofts Low Bounce Wedges are ideal for shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions. The combination of less bounce and narrower sole-width lowers the leading edge of the blade to promote a clean contact. Standard Bounce is the best all-around wedge for playability in all types of conditions for all types of players A wedge with a higher bounce will also benefit you if you tend to play a wet course with a soft, spongy base. Higher bounce and wider sole widths will also allow you to get out of bunkers that have a fine fluffy texture to them. As you can see,. Callaway's Most Comprehensive Wedge Line-up JAWS MD5 wedges come in 23 different loft/bounce combinations with 5 distinct grind options: C-Grind and New Low Bounce W-Grind feature 8º of bounce. The S-Grind features 10º of bounce and X-Grind and W-Grind feature 12º of bounce Great to see someone else that likes low-bounce lob wedges. I will be switching my 58 deg - 9 deg bounce to an RTX4 Xtra Low bounce soon. I need it for the Texas hard pan that I've got to deal with

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  1. A low bounce wedge is a wedge with a bounce between 0° and 10°. A 46 degree wedge is considered to be a low bounce wedge because it has a bounce of 8°. Some manufacturers offer these wedges with a slightly lesser bounce of 6°. Therefore, a 46 degree wedge offers the benefits of a low bounce wedge, like being able to use it on hard turf and.
  2. The Cleveland wedge dot system indicates the amount of bounce for each wedge. One dot represents a low bounce grind. This bounce is good for golfers who play on harder grounds and with a shallow attack angle. The two dots represent a standard (medium) bounce and a mid bounce grind
  3. The Masters is unique among major championships when you consider rough. Thick rough does not play any kind of significant role in the course's defense. Inst..
  4. Low-bounce: A low-bounce wedge angle will be up to 6 degrees. It is best used on courses with extremely firm fairways. This type of lob wedge allows the golfer to dig into the firm ground just enough for a proper swing angle rather than bouncing off the ground and striking the ball in the wrong place. Few golfers use a low-bounce lob wedge
  5. Low-bounce wedges (6 degees and lower) tend to be the most difficult wedges to use, but also offer the greatest amount of shotmaking versatility
  6. Medium bounce wedges will provide the most forgiveness on a variety of turf surfaces. Shaft. Most wedges offer e a standard steel wedge flex, but it can be changed to graphite shafts if you have an extremely low swing speed. Bounce. There are 3 main categories of bounce angle. Low-bounce wedges have angles between 4 and 6 degrees
  7. They'll even change their wedges week to week, depending on course conditions and types of grass. To overgeneralize the ideal amount of bounce for different course conditions: Soft, spongy conditions often call for high-bounce wedges, while tight lies and dry conditions are often more aptly handled with low-bounce wedges

this is an interesting one as I use a low bounce 56 degree MD wedge for my bunker shots and bunkers are a strength of my game. I also love the club for around the greens etc. Moved onto links courses with softer sand and not sure I need to change wedges and will see how it pans out this year När du köper en wedge står det ofta dels vilket loft wedgen har, dels hur stor bouncevinkeln är (exempelvis 56/14°). Så väljer du rätt bounce Vilken bounce du bör ha beror dels på hur du svingar, dels på banans underlag. Svingtendenser: • Brant infallsvinkel till bollen = högre bounce • Tar ofta stora, djupa torvor = högre bounce The low-bounce wedge lets the leading edge dig a little and get under the bottom of the ball. Again, at address set your shoulders parallel with the slope so the shaft is perpendicular to the ground I love low bounce wedges. The only time you need more bounce is really in the bunker, and opening the face kind of solves that because then your low bounce wedge all of a sudden has this big bump and theoretically has a lot more bounce

Who it suits: The T-Grind offers a versatile low bounce option in both 58 and 60-degree. Ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions, it has proven popular with players in Europe, who are more often faced with links-style conditions but is also used by PGA Tour players such as Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. Wedge grind: Also, high bounce wedges tend to perform well from bunkers because that extra bounce works to splash the sand out of the way so you can slice under the ball. The average golfer will probably end up reaching for a high bounce wedge simply because they are more forgiving than low bounce wedges in the greatest number of situations. Low bounce wedges Wedges with low bounce (less than 8-degrees) are ideal for shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions - think links golf and The Open Championship. The small bounce angle lowers the leading edge closer to the ground to put a premium on good ball-striking - most tour professionals will have a low bounce in their wedges

The low bounce makes lob wedges great for use in courses with firm turf conditions as well as bunkers with harder, coarser sand. However, the low bounce makes it difficult to use a lob wedge to get your ball out of typical sand bunkers with softer sand Course and condition specific wedges may be a strategy you want to consider. Tight lies, hard turf, and firm bunkers suggest low bounce wedges. Soft turf, fluffy lies, and soft sand call for more bounce. In the End I doubt we'll ever know what the bounce or grind was on the wedge Tiger used on Oakmont's third hole yesterday

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  1. Low bounce wedges are designed for clean ball contact, giving you the precision you need in your short game. Mid bounce wedges range between about 7°-10° and are most played on firm to normal turf. Players tend to choose mid bounce wedges to create shots around the green, as they help achieve exact distance and trajectory control. This wedge.
  2. Vokey Wedge Works 58- and 60-degree low bounce K Grind wedges are available in Raw and Tour Chrome finishes. The stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold S200. The stock grip is the Tour Velvet 360 White. Pricing begins at $199. Place your order now through Vokey dealers or at Vokey.com
  3. Wedges that are hand-ground lend themselves to inconsistencies from wedge to wedge, especially when mass produced. Our new Milled Grind wedges ensure precision where it matters most. Utilizing extensive feedback from Tour players, Low Bounce: 60 ° 35 9° 64° R/L: D5.
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A low-bounce sand wedge has a bounce angle of 6 degrees or less. With a low bounce angle, the club tends to work in heavy sand or firm ground, as it prevents the club from bouncing off the ground and impacting the ball improperly. It digs into the firm ground just a little bit, allowing for a proper shot. This is a rare bounce angle to find in. Three testers play very low bounce set-ups but showed a performance improvement with mid or high bounce wedges. The tester who was playing high bounce needed less. More surprising was that in only two of fifteen trials did our testers identify which wedge performed the best

Low Bounce Wedges. Wedges are consider low bounce usually if they have a bounce angle of 4 to 6 degrees. A quick test to determine if you should use a low bounce wedge is to look at your divots. Do you take shallow divots, sweeping the golf ball of the ground? If so, this is likely a great bounce option for your swing type A new low-bounce version added to the company's W-grind (wide sole) provides heel relief for the higher-lofted wedges. Check & Order. Check on Amazon. Loft: 23 options (46 to 64 degrees), 5 sole grinds, 2 Bounce: The bounce of a wedge is a measurement of how the sole of the club rests on the ground, usually ranging from between 0 and 18. Three Low-Bounce Options. The release of the WedgeWorks T Grind gives Vokey three true low-bounce wedges in the lineup. Is one of them right for you? It's as close to a universal truth as you'll find in the fitting world that low-bounce wedges are for golfers with shallow attack angles (sweepers) and firm course conditions You have the low bounce wedges that have 0° to 5° bounce. Next, you also have the medium bounce wedges with 6° to 10°. And lastly, you have the high bounce wedges that go from 10° and beyond but usually up until 14°. To get the bounce angle, you will measure the angle of the leading edge to the sole

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The WedgeWorks Low Bounce K Grind wedges offer the same technology that golfers have come to love in the SM8 line. This includes a progressive center of gravity that pushes outside and in front of the face for boosted MOI, greater consistency, and trajectory control, as well as Spin Milled grooves to produce maximum spin, and a heat-treated face for long term durability Low Bounce Grind is perfect for firm conditions and/or players with a more shallow attack angles/ shallow divots. 2 Dot (Standard Bounce Grind): Has a mid effective bounce, offering golfers a wedge that gives the playe The D, F, and K grinds provide a high bounce, the F, M and S grind have a medium range bounce, and only L grind has a low bounce. Each grind has advantages, such as the forgiveness of the K grind or the M grind's open face. Vokey wedges with higher loft angles feature deeper grooves, while high angles have wider grooves These Sand and Lob wedges offer a wide soled low bounce perfect for wet or softer fairways and green-side areas. CLASSIC GRIND. Classic lofts, thinner soles and higher bounce combine to give you greater performance for a wide range of conditions (firm, medium, soft) For wedges, 4-8 degrees would be considered low bounce, and anything around 12 or above would be high bounce, but this is relative to the loft in question. A 10 degree 56 degree sand wedge would be relatively low bounce, but a 10 degree 52 degree gap wedge or 60 degree lob wedge would be considered high bounce for those clubs

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Having a low bounce vs a high bounce will cause your club to bounce off the sand or off the fairway. If you are playing on a very hard fairway in which there is very little grass you may find it nearly impossible to not blade or skull a low bounce wedge Head options: Low bounce 58° and 60°, High Bounce Bigfoot (56°, 58°, 60°) Finishes: Aged Copper only. When we spoke to TaylorMade's wedge and putter guy, Bill Price, we asked if golfers can expect a performance gain when comparing the Hi-Toe Raw to TaylorMade's brilliant MG2 wedge line-up. Surprisingly, the answer was yes The new wedges are a unique combination of aesthetics and performance. Choosing a wedge and shaft with the right loft, bounce, and grind can help golfers of all abilities fill gaps in the lower ends of their bags. We've prepared a list of Best Wedges For High Handicappers based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research Low-bounce clubs, on the other hand, are better from tighter lies and firmer sand. By buying each wedge separately, you can tailor your wedges to fit your game and the courses you play. Fitting. Wedges need to be fitted to your game, just like any other club in your bag

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey's T-Grind wedge featuring a low bounce and a narrow crescent surface is now available through WedgeWorks. The T-Grind wedge contains a wider back flange compared to the L-Grind, which aims to provide lower measured bounce, and per the company, is designed for great hands and a vivid short-game imagination No more half swings from 85 yards. Improve your short game with the best golf wedges for men. Browse the wide selection golf club wedges at Golf Galaxy. Decide the loft you need to add to your bag. Choose pitching wedges, gap or approach wedges, sand wedges and lob wedges. Get the wedge with the proper bounce angle ' low, standard or high Bounce ranges from 0 degrees to 14 degrees and can be classified into three groups; low bounce wedges (0-5), medium bounce wedges (6-10), and high bounce wedges (10+). The bounce angle is measured by taking the angle of the leading edge to the sole. The sole is what makes contact with the ground since the wedge has a bounce angle making the.

But to keep golf simple I really like the two wedge setup above. One sand wedge that has high bounce for shots that require a club to not dig with a more vertical angle of attack, and one gap wedge or lob wedge with low bounce for shots that are shallower angle of attack The wedge does not pursue distance like other clubs, but rather the precision and control necessary for scoring. The tour inspired head shape confidently aligns the golfer allowing for pinpoint accuracy. The Tour Wedge HB boasts a wider sole that tapers from toe to heel. This design allows for a more effective bounce along the middle of the sole Forged Wedges. Miura Black. K-Grind 2.0 QPQ; Milled Tour Wedge QPQ; Tour Wedge High Bounce QPQ; K-Grind 2.0 Milled Tour Wedge Tour Wedge High Bounce LH Wedge Series Accessories. Apparel Hats Golf Bags Travel Gear Extras Gift Card

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Callaway Golf Wedges consistently receive supreme ratings among consumers and golf publications. Carry a Callaway wedge in your bag to ensure top-level performance. No matter the loft or bounce desired, we have the golf club to meet your needs Cleveland Golf Wedges have dominated the golf wedge industry for nearly four decades, constantly pushing the envelope with score-dropping innovations. Trusted by PGA Tour champions including Hideki Matsuyama, J.B. Holmes, Keegan Bradley, and Graeme McDowell, Cleveland Golf offers a wedge specifically created for every kind of golfer RTX 4 Wedge. Introducing the New RTX 4. The new Cleveland Golf RTX 4 wedge feature The Cleveland RTX 4 wedge is the latest in their tour wedge dynasty that stretches back over 30 years. It is the successor to the Cleveland RTX-3 Wedge, but following the introduction of the cavity back CBX wedge in 2017 Cleveland has been able to move the RTX 4 more towards the better players end of things.. The head size of the RTX 4 is smaller than the RTX-3 to give it that tour profile. Cleveland said that unlike their predecessors, many of whom favored low-bounce wedges, many of today's PGA Tour pros use wedges with about 12 or 13 degrees of bounce. Opting for sole grinds that remove excess material in the heel, and often in the toe as well, makes their sand wedges and lob wedges more versatile

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The low is going to have six degrees of bounce, which is considerably low. This is good for the lower lofted wedges and for hitting off of harder surfaces. Mid. Mid has ten degrees of bounce, and this would be considered the most versatile of the Cleveland wedges. If you are unsure about bounce and grind, go with the Mid option as you really. Cleveland CG10 Low Bounce wedge. Made from a proprietary material called- Carbon Metal Matrix, or CMM. This new material is infused with 17 times more carbon than traditional 8620 and 1020 carbon steels Cleveland CG11 (Low Bounce) Wedgar i lager för expressleverans. Fantastisk kundservice. Stora besparingar. In byten välkomna. 7 dagars öppet köp If your course is kept firm with tight lies in the fairway a low bounce angle will generate more positive results. Like loft, bounce angles are translated in degrees, starting at 0 and reaching as high as 16. In general, a stock pitching wedge will have between 2 and 5 degrees of loft and a typical sand wedge will range from 10 to 14 degrees

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These Sand and Lob wedges offer a wide soled low bounce perfect for wet or softer fairways and green-side areas. CLASSIC GRIND Classic lofts, thinner soles and higher bounce combine to give you greater performance for a wide range of conditions (firm, medium, soft) I started to carry two sand wedges recently, a 54* low bounce at 7* for pitching and chipping and 58* high bounce solely for sand play. With this combination, my 51* gap wedge have not seen too much play lately. As to JDM wedges, Fourteen has some low bounce wedges such as the J-spec 54* at 7*. Edited March 5, 2011 by Duffer1 Low bounce K has arrived. @David C is right - we are still working through a back log of orders, so we ask for patience with any custom wedge orders right now, but the Low Bounce K you have seen from @VokeyWedgeRep has arrived. Please sign in to comment. Randall C. Randall C. May 27, 2020 at 04:06 PM Standard bounce - for normal to soft conditions or those who leave shallow divots. Low bounce - for tight lies, fairway shots, and tight, compacted sand. Don't forget to also consider wedge grooves in your search to find the perfect wedges for your golf bag. The grooves of a wedge will assist in putting spin on the ball

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I get the same results. both high bounce wedges. the low bounce ones are the polar opposite, , I can lay them open, hit cuts, draws anything I can think of , chips flops all of it , basically they are MILES more versatile, BUT with the versatility also cometh more variable results IF you don't swing em sweet Low Bounce Wedges - posted in Golf Equipment: I know that this topic has been done in the past but since I am looking for a new 58°-60° wedge in the next month I thought I would get some fresh opinions. I have a fairly shallow arc through impact and rarely take a divot. I used to have a 57° Hogan wedge with 11° bounce but found that I was always hitting the ball very low on the face.

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  1. A well-struck wedge shot is going to stop after just a bounce or two anyway, so a high trajectory is unnecessary. By choosing to go low, it is possible to control distance more consistently, leading to more short birdie opportunities. Also, hitting low wedges takes the wind mostly out of the picture, which is obviously a good thing
  2. Hands-on Product Series: JAWS MD5 Wedge Low Bounce W-Grind September 18, 2019 Sr. Creative Manager AJ Voelpel provides you with all of the details that you need to know about the new Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedge Low Bounce W-Grind
  3. Low bounce K has arrived. @David C is right - we are still working through a back log of orders, so we ask for patience with any custom wedge orders right now, but the Low Bounce K you have seen from @VokeyWedgeRep has arrived
  4. The main point of the wedge is of course the flat sole which has zero bounce. In order to make a zero bounce sole work, Maruman incorporated a large amount of leading edge relief and trailing edge relief to allow for clean entry and exit in various lies
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200 matches. ($39.99 - $216.59) Find great deals on the latest styles of Wedge low bounce. Compare prices & save money on Golf Clubs Low if you are using it as a lob, high-lofted shot wedge. I carry a 56 with higher bounce for a sand wedge. If you are looking to use it to hit flop shots, etc, the lower bounce the better so you can slip the club under the ball. The higher the bounce, the more pronounced the lie angle so you will not be able to get the club under the ball The S grind features a low bounce, tapered sole, has an open face, and is suitable with low lofts. Made from soft steel with a dynamic center of gravity, the golf wedge rises as you swing it. The company has created a 16-groove club face for increased control on chipping and pitching

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